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Resumé / Curriculum Vitae (CV) Transformation

I became an editor to get away from the mediocrity of business and to seek out projects where expertise matters. Resumés are these self-contained little publishing projects that give us just a page or two to squeeze in as much high-quality storytelling and typography as we can.

Robin Black initials Robin Black

Guess what? Word isn’t suitable for producing professional documents. I use Adobe InDesign to craft cover letters and CVs that are worthy of this rather important undertaking. Even if we’re limited to Word, we can make your CV better than 90% of what is out there.

Expect this from
our work together:

  • Better design than you’ll see in 95% of CVs
  • A rendering that screams professionalism
  • Non-generic language that HR and hiring managers will find it a relief to read
  • A removal of material that isn’t doing you any favours.

Sample PDF 1 Sample PDF 2